The Titanium Multifunctional Key Organizer with LED - Key Holder

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Just like our Kickstarter we have set our pre-order price to €49. Our retail price of €69 will start soon.

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  • No damaged pockets
  • Personalized organization
  • Stack 1 to 8 keys of any kind
  • Multifunctional & Compact
  • LED light
  • Full Titanium Body
  • Bottle Opener, Flathead Screwdriver, Hex Wrench, Ruler, File, Bit Holder.

Just like a wallet, but then for your keys. RHINOKEY is a Titanium versatile Everyday Carry Multitool Key Organizer with a built-in LED Flashlight and functions used for daily tasks.


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How many keys can Rhinokey hold?
RHINOKEY can hold 1 to 10 keys! It used a kind of screw also known as "Chicago Screws", these screws can screw into each other, making it perfect for RHINOKEY. Once you place more extensions between them, you can add more keys. Your RHINOKEY will be delivered with two extensions and one set of Chicago Screws. The screw has a 3mm diameter, which means most key holes fit.
How can I attach my car keys?
Your car keys might fit, if they don't we included a loophole in the design which allows you to attach any kind of different key of accessory!
What functions does Rhinokey have?
Besides organizing keys, of course, there are a lot of functions that are included in the design. There is a HEX wrench, HEX Bit holder, File, Bottle opener, Flathead Screwdriver/ Pryer, Ruler, Loophole. These functions can be used for a wide range of different tasks.
How does the built-in LED work?
Inside one part of the Rhinokey, there is a built-in LED that is used for moments when you need a light. Perfect for seeing the keyhole at night or just some light at dark spaces. There is a button placed on the top, to activate the light. The battery is replaceable by removing two little screws.
Can I take Rhinokey on an airplane?
Yes! Rhinokey is designed to be TSA Carry-On Compliant.
How was Rhinokey founded?
Rhinokey started on Kickstarter ultimately raising €94.020 within 32 days, through our wonderful 1589 backers. Check the about us page!

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Big fan

Used the rhinokey for 3 months now and I must say, I love it. I don't use all the functions on it all the time, but having your keys in a compact closure is great.


After using my rhino key for a year now I am very pleased with it. You need to get used to it initially, but you can't go without it after that. Can recommend it!

Thank you for the review Charlie! Great to hear that your Rhinokey works well.

Darwin E.
No more mass of keys

It's pretty good and I prefer it over my old keychain mess, this is far more organized, simple, and elegant. The only complaint I have is how hard it can be to assemble it, specifically placing the black rings and screwing without having it all fall apart. But with some patience you can set it up and enjoy.

Hi Darwin, thanks for your review! Once you install your keys you're ready to go! Have fun using your Rhinokey.

Nice keychain holder

Perfect for my keys... I added my house key at the led light side and was amazed at how useful a light could be at that moment. I use the bottle opener as well.

Hi Dudok, thank you so much for your review! Great to hear that the LED works as expected on your Rhinokey. Have fun using it.


I'm happy that this thing is not made of plastic. I used plastic key organizers in the past but they broke really quick. Build quality is great, I like the titanium. Keys are hard to install but just take 10 minutes. After that, you don't need to worry about it anymore.

Hi Brian, thank you so much for your review! Great to hear that you love Titanium. Have fun using your Rhinokey.